Posted by: dkoepke | November 26, 2008

Mobile Sharepoint pages

You can see MOSS’s out-of-the-box rendering of sharepoint pages for mobile devices by pointing your browser to something like http://[PortalUrl]/[site]/_layouts/mobile/default.aspx
Adding the MobilityRedirect feature to the portal allows a url like http://[PortalUrl]/[site]/m to be used to show these mobile pages. This is enabled with the command:

stsadm -o activatefeature -name MobilityRedirect -URL http://[PortalUrl]/

By default this page is completely plain, and only certain lists are displayed on it. The mobile view pages only show the set of lists within a site that are enabled for mobile access, that is, they have views that are designated as mobile views. (A view is a mobile view if the “MobileView” attribute of its view element in the list type’s schema.xml file is set to “True”.)
Some of the recommended things to think about in regards to Information Storage Policies should include:
• Outline acceptable use of mobile devices.
• Prohibit storage of sensitive information on mobile devices.
• Define what a mobile device is.
• Mobile devices must store all information in encrypted form.
• Mobile devices must be password-protected.
• Establish default permissions for all files on the network.
• Prohibit write-down permissions for company information.
• Information ownership must be assigned.
• Prohibit taking ownership of information without authorization.
Micorsoft have a number of articles on Mobile pages:
• Walkthrough: Customizing a Mobile List View Page –

• Mobile browsers supported by MOSS –


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