Posted by: dkoepke | January 27, 2009

Technology is only useful if it helps people improve their lives, not as an end in itself.

Bill Gates has written an annual letter regarding his work at the Gates Foundation.  You can read the full article here at The Gates Foundation Website.

It is a very comprehensive account of what he is doing to better the world.  That might be a lofty goal, but as one of the world’s richest men he has great responsibility also.  It is great to see someone that has been given so much to give so much back to the world as a whole.  When you compare Bill Gates to other CEO’s and even people that have been lucky to become wealthy thru book writting or Music they tend to say they are saving the world by driving a prius, when in reality they should be giving back like this.

Overall this report is a good read and I would recommend it for anyone that has an interest in serving others instead of themselves.


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